Participating Artists

Exhibiting artists for the 2016 Festival

Emerging Artists Booth 49 & 50

Student Arts Booth 51 & 52

Don Adkins The COLOR Of Black & White (Photography) Booth 16

Juan Felipe Barreneche Mistura Timepieces (Mixed Media) Booth 73

Jeni Bate (Mixed Media) Booth 108

Stephanie Bell (Photography) Booth 86

Scotty Benner Benner Artworks (Painting) Booth 74

James Born James Born Art (Painting) Booth 30

Emily Brantley Summer's Pearl (Painting) Booth 24

Susannah Brin Sisters Jewelry Designs (Jewelry) Booth 54

Rachel Brown (Painting) Booth 44

Robert Brugger (Painting) Booth 91

Sandra Chu Art Solutions 360 (Mixed Media) Booth 68 & 69

Gregory Clark (Sculpture) Booth 80

Jeff Davison Wood Turning Obsession (Jewelry) Booth 22

Alex Diffin (Painting) Booth 29

Mims Ellis Ceramics by Mims (Ceramics) Booth 55

Bernard Fallon (Painting) Booth 72

Joanna Garel (Painting, Mixed Media) Booth 33

Adolfo Girala (Painting) Booth 65b

Richard Gould (Sculpture) Booth 53

Erin Hanson (Painting) Booth 47 & 48

Rowan Harrison Two Tribes Pottery (Painting, Ceramics) Booth 101

Behrad Hassanati (Painting) Booth 100

Pomm Hepner (Painting) Booth 87

Robin Hiers (Painting, Mixed Media) Booth 25

Steven Hodowsky (Painting) Booth 61

Julie Horton Julie Horton Photography (Photography) Booth 83

Andrea Hsu Schouten Widget Art Studios (Painting) Booth 27

Elaine Hughes (Painting) Booth 66

Bill Johnson Wish you were here ... (Photography) Booth 64b

Sharon Kaplan (Jewelry) Booth 12

Reza Kassai (Painting) Booth 58

Ken Klade (Painting) Booth 32

Nicolas Kolesnikow (Painting) Booth 90

Brandon Lee Achu Design (Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry) Booth 95

Christine Madrid Yuneek Designs (Mixed Media) Booth 19

Allan Mason (Jewelry) Booth 77

Jean McCallister (Mixed Media) Booth 23

Bruce McFarland Global Vista LLC (Photography) Booth 31

Nicholas Mirandon (Painting) Booth 5

Melissa Mullins (Painting) Booth 43

Michael Nisperos Michael Anthony's Fine Art (Painting) Booth 92 & 93

Paul Nzalamba Nzalamba Artworks (Painting) Booth 75

Jennifer Rae Ochs RAE Art Enterprises (Mixed Media) Booth 88

Jeffrey Orr Jeff Orr Photography (Photography) Booth 35 & 36

Jonovan Ottenbacher Sunsets Over California (Photography) Booth 110

Samuel Pak Featured Artist (Painting) Booth 56

Dany Paragouteva (Painting) Booth 11

Lucia Pasquinelli LUPA Jewelry (Jewelry) Booth 26

Ray Patrick (Painting) Booth 109

Sa Peng (Painting) Booth 4

Christina Peters Fresh Food Prints (Photography) Booth 46

John Post John Post Photography (Photography) Booth 37

Jon Price (Ceramics) Booth 79

Carolyn Quan (Photography, Mixed Media) Booth 94

Jessica Quinn (Painting) Booth 85

Mona Ray (Painting) Booth 105

Casey Reidling (Painting) Booth 107

Ken Reiter Kenneth James Reiter (Painting) Booth 57

Kathleen Robison Original oils by Kathleen M Robison (Painting) Booth 82

Judith Rona (Painting) Booth 38

Collin Salazar (Painting, Mixed Media) Booth 40

Stephen Schubert (Painting) Booth 84a & 84b

Robert Sheer Spirit Shadows (Photography) Booth 59

Silvio Silvestri (Painting) Booth 71

Scott Slagerman (Sculpture) Booth 62 & 63

Daniel Sofer Hermosawave Photography (Photography) Booth 18

Michael Stevens (Mixed Media) Booth 106

Kathy Stewart NTKS (Mixed Media) Booth 81

R Anita Suggs (Ceramics) Booth 76

Kris T (Painting) Booth 41

Sarote Tabcum VFX Technologies, Inc. (Photography) Booth 89

Naomi Tratar Jewelry by Naomi (Jewelry) Booth 20

Robert Varela Bovar Jewelry (Jewelry) Booth 13

Nicholas Vicknair (Mixed Media) Booth 2 & 3

Ralph Villalobos (Painting, Mixed Media) Booth 1

David Wolfram (Painting) Booth 64

David Wong David Wong Arts (Painting) Booth 15